year 2014

January 29, 2014. Shiva-king dance. The performance took place in the Small Hall of the House of Culture Kirov

  • Thank you for the opportunity to touch so ancient and completely young art. Now your fan. Svetlana
  • Thank you and I cry for joy. This is a miracle, a miracle, a miracle … happiness. Vera Nikolaevna
  • As always, just great! Boris N.
  • No words! Prayer dance! It’s impossible! But it is! Health! Happiness! All the best! Love forever! Your students!
    The splendor of images, beauty and skill! Great.
  • More performances, more students!
  • Very unusual performance. Never seen anything like it! Loved it! Thank you!
  • Your every concert is a gift of fate! Please give a gig as often as possible. With great gratitude and admiration, I always remember your performances. Julia.
  • Very cool. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you Awesome impressions and sensations! I am delighted! Nastya Borisova
  • Thanks for the extraordinary evening !!! Received great pleasure! The performer is divine and very very
  • BEAUTIFUL … struck by unusual plasticity and precision of movements. Marina
  • To live in the beauty of thoughts and deeds, here is our destiny. Thank you for the extraordinary action from all who came. Thanks. Roerich Society, Elena Alexandrovna
  • The concert is fantastic! The dancer is shakti and transcendental fly! Svetlana K
  • Bright, with passion, with commanding pomp, with breath and energy of Shakti. The whole hall and stage were one organism. Beautiful, colorful, sophisticated. Love, kiss, Tanya N.
  • Your dance as a wave washes away all the negative. This is just a miracle. F
  • Thank you for the performance. Everything was great, very beautiful, professional. Well done. just amazing Tanya Voronina
  • Beautiful as always, and the gods applaud with the audience.

April 29th. Performance in a solar eclipse. Dedication to the memory of the Kalamandalam Kalyani Kutti Amma

  • The first thing that struck us was that the performance was dedicated to the memory of teachers. It was nice to see a large number of young children who came to the concert with their grandmothers. After the first separation, a feeling of purity and transparency. The duo Catherine and Milana looked very harmonious, they conveyed the sacred meaning of the Mohini Attam style. The heart is full of gratitude. Filatov Ya.Prokshina G.
  • Many thanks for your art.
  • You are a miracle! I wish you beautiful huge halls so that everyone can enjoy such high art.
  • Thank you for the interesting performance. For a new vision of the theater and rethinking.
  • Low bow and heartfelt thanks to Mandir-Milan, I have been captivated by her dance since 2002 and since then at every performance I have been discovering something amazing and new for myself, like the first time! Thank you! Evilina.
  • Admire your art, beauty and wisdom. Being in a spiritual quest, I received support and grounds for reflection and determination for practice. Thank. Larisa Popova
  • Thank you for the interesting, bright, beautiful performance. Sokolova T.
  • Thank you for the magical performance, inspiring and heartfelt, filled with pure energies. Batakazina Yu
  • Mandira is our saving thread connecting with the Lord! THANK YOU!!! Evgeny Slitsky
  • Dear Milana! Unfortunately, I had to leave with my granddaughter before the end of the performance, it was not possible to write a review. I do it now. This is a completely different level! Sometimes there was a feeling that on the stage there was a completely different person – not related to earthly problems. Thank you for the meeting with God. Strength and happiness. I.V.
  • Divine action, the heart trembles from an excess of feelings …. Thank you! Tamara
  • Thank you! You are a breath of moisture and a fresh breeze. Believe in your star! Bright, bold, rare and beautiful! AND.
  • My heart sank! This is not a dance, but the highest skill of prayer, the tears dawned on his eyes. God bless you! Elena Yakovlevna

year 2013

  • The performance is as beautiful as the love of God. (Love)
  • Thank you so much! The concert is fantastic! Fascinating! Meditative. I’m sure everyone present will always be fine. (Lena Lovikova, Flamenco)
  • Galina Aukhodieva: It was beautiful, thank you. Especially Tillana and Ashta Padam
  • Natalya Semenova: Thank you for today’s action)) The last dance was right in the Heart))))
  • Marina Chuzhenkova: Thank you very much for the performance, for your Light, for the blessed energy, for positive emotions! I liked it very much! :)))
  • Svetlana Kulagina-Konstantinova: Great thanks for the previous performance! going to this one! I liked the theater: in the center, small, everything is visible.
  • Milana! You are amazing and beautiful in dance and in life! Thank you!!! (Elena Kirillova)
  • You are wonderful and real (Asya)
  • Just great and inspired !!! (students 2 LMU)
  • Milana! Thank you so much for the true art! (Natasha)
  • Invite! With great pleasure (Svetlana)
  • As always, the beautiful Milana gives you a beautiful space! How nice to watch the classics! With each viewing more and more like and understand! Thank you
  • With your easy drawing magic circle you are taking my heart behind you (AAA)
  • At first she was sitting on the periphery, after the intermission the village in the center was a completely different sensation from the performance. The actress has a very strong energy. You feel it especially when you are sitting opposite. Grace, sharp movements, expressiveness of every gesture, look – all this was. I think it is extremely difficult to conduct the whole performance alone, keeping the viewer’s attention all the time. Milana succeeded. Perhaps I lacked only an easy interactivity – closer communication with the public, especially since the cozy atmosphere of the hall was conducive to a more intimate “conversation”. It was like a very beautiful video, the flow of information was only in one direction – from the stage to the audience. And if there was also a backflow, not only at the end, when the audience applauded and covered Milana with flowers, but also during the performance there would have been complete delight!

year 2012

January 20th. CC “Troitsky”

  • Thank you for this journey of the soul to the places where she is happy! Galina
  • This is real art. Magic. Many thanks! Successes, we wait for the following performances. Bravo! Galina, Regina.
  • Loved it. I wish you prosperity, all the benefits of life and continue to delight the audience with performances!
  • Amazingly beautiful music. Rich, emotionally rich performance. Thank. Alexey.

February 21

  • The concert made a great impression, I liked the hall very much, it seemed that the scene was the best suited for this art. I watch Ashtapadi all the time and tears all the time. The ineffable beauty did not stop for a moment. Thank you! The dancer was very spiritual, very much.
  • Your skill has reached the top of perfection! Abhinaya – super! And Ganesh Mohini Attam – the limit of perfection! I am delighted!!!
  • Awesome sight! The concert in the 1st part struck by the wealth of facial expressions! I was especially remembered and touched by the conversation of the mother and daughter … Already tears came to my eyes! As always: I look at one go! Perfection itself – Mandira! Thank you fate that brought me to you! (Puchinin A.)

Guest evening on February 29 “Mandira invites ….”

  • Thank you for the wonderful music, tea, art of calligraphy and magical singing! (Svetlana)
  • Like a fairy tale!

Under the strings chime

Brave voice sounds,

Into the mountain world dragging.

Dance of timid candles

What sway to the beat.

And the soul brightens,

As in the run-up to paradise …

Thank you, and all earthly and heavenly blessings !!! (Svetlana)

  • Thank you for the subtle and diverse evening of the spiritual unity of the arts. It was pleasant and interesting to see and hear the facets of the already many-sided precious element of the Pourburg culture. A close-minded well-wisher!

20th of March

  • Thank you very much for the light, miracle and good! (Alexander )
  • The door to the magical world opened – the soul was filled with love. Universe Rhythm has swirled us, raised over death and over grief (AAA)
  • Ganesh WAS. Thank you! (Lena)
  • Liked (Stas)
  • Just great! Cosmic universal dance, opening the way to Eternity! (B)
  • Thank you so much for dancing as breath, as life and as death, and as Eternity!
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful evening. Art awakens the desire to create. Energy flows through your eyes. Be blessed. (E.K.)
  • Thank you so much for the incredible concert! This is not just a dance of challenging experiences. He crawls, stirs up the most intimate layers in his soul. Special thanks for two amazing Tilany and Shiva dance. And the last composition is just no words !!! THANK YOU !!! (Lena Morozova)

May 11

  • I wish you eternal youth, beauty and great, deep inner strength. Always! Always! Always! (from SW.Stella)
  • Very touching performance. Amazing facial expressions, eyes and plastic dancer. Stories touch the heart. The dancer and the audience live life on stage. Everything is very real now. Thank you! The last dance was the most powerful! Bringing to Sahasrara is a very, very strong bond with God. (Alla, Arthur)
  • Thank you Mandir very much! Very good! Favorite authentic India – aromas, music. Images – just thanks for that. Approaches conditions experienced in yoga. (Nastya)

May 30 Open lesson at school

  • Thank you for the magical, magical, bright lesson. The energy of love and celebration was felt with all the body and soul. You create a wonderful thing. With love (Marina Fitisova)
  • Cool! Great hardworking! Great art! Many thanks for the pleasure delivered! (Tatyana)
  • Awesome! Thank you for the wonderful sight !!! Magical discoveries !!! Success in everything! (Marina)

December 25th Theater “Comedians” Feerie Tilan

  • Great concert of Milana Severskaya! Thank you so much for the miracle that you give to people! Regards, Nelli Alexandrovna
  • This is not just a concert, it is Theurgy, a divine dance in honor of Shiva and Vishnu. Mandira is the Divine. Great thanks. Sincerely, Vasily Bakharov


October 16

  • Thank you! Received great pleasure and a lot of positive emotions. Maksimova E.G.
  • Awesome! Sumptuously! There are no words to describe what he saw. Egorkina E.V.
  • Fantastic. Sumptuously. Thank. You are lovely. Stepanova L.
  • Divinely beautiful tale about a man of Heaven and Earth! Thank you very much for the deep feelings! God help you. Demurin A.S.
  • As always, great B.
  • Thanks to this art, there is hope that the path between the past and the future will not grow. Valentine, Tatiana.

November 25

  • Thank you very much for the dance, it gave me inspiration, inspiration, cleansing of the soul and body.
  • Loved it! I read Ramayana and the plot is similar! Thank you so much for dancing !!!
  • Thank you!!! You give us joy, energy and hope for a bright future! Health, success. Good luck


March 23 By the day of the vernal equinox

chamber performance in 2 sections “Let’s talk about love …”

  • Thank you for the subtle sensual performance, beauty and grace! Thanks to all the organizers for creating the opportunity to be here with you. (Sergei)
  • Thank you so much. This watch was unforgettable. Just plunged into another world. Words can not convey what you feel! (Natalia)
  • Mandira !!! Your ministry is priceless !!! (M)
  • Thank you very much for the wonderful tale. I want to live on. Yours faithfully ….
    Meeting the eternity of my world (B)
  • Divine Abhinaya. Thank you for meeting with bhakti, with the guru, with eternity.
    Lullaby – beyond words! Right in the heart …. (Asya)
  • Great setting! Words, music, dance – all one! Kowtow to you. (N.Sh.)
  • Thanks for the strong positive charge (Paradise)

May 21, 22 Guest evening dedicated to the anniversary of the school.

  • A wonderful impression of the whole evening, the dance is incomparable, the charm itself (Miklyaeva OV)
  • Thanks to Mandira for the opportunity to touch the new, the unknown, once again to feel how huge the world is, how much knowledge – not to embrace over a lifetime. Thanks to all your helpers. (Gerasimova O.)
  • Thank you for a wonderful evening. In a short time learned a lot of new, interesting. You are a talented and bright person, always remain the same. I think. you unite people, create harmony in our life. (Alla, Julia, Larisa)
  • Many thanks for the pleasure delivered! Once again plunged into a fabulous atmosphere. There was a great desire to go back to school! (Julia, Nastya)
  • Dear Mandira! You are beautiful! And thank you for that! Paint and further the world in these bright colors. Good luck and happiness on the way. (Dasha)
  • Thank you Mandira! Thank you all for the evening! Everything is unforgettable !!! Sorry for the little! (Regina and friends)
  • Mandira thank you! This is what excites, captures the soul, gives the feeling of flight. And the endless desire to plunge into these feelings again and again! (your student of light)
  • Thank you very much, Mandira, for the evening. On this day, the Brahma Samhita was a balsam for the “wounded soul” …. This is true, as always, unforgettable …. (Elena S.)
  • Divine singing and dancing. (Natalia)
  • Unusually. Divinely.
    Mandira – thank you for a wonderful evening and for your energy and smile! (Dmitriy)

    June 07 Concert of meditative music.

  • Mandira! Many thanks to you musicians for doing what pleases God and people! Thank you! (Regina, Chris, Svetlana)
  • Mandira! Thank you for an unforgettable evening. It really was an immersion in the flow of pure gracious energy, so divinely beautifully built by you! Special thanks to the musicians for what they see and understand (Katya Belchikova)
  • Mandira, many thanks to you and your assistants for the “Living Spring of Love” (Galina)
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to get in touch with another. This is actually a kind of action, not for the mind, but arousing feelings. (Anisimova Larisa)

June 29 “Journey of the soul …” (home concert)

  • Thank you so much! It became much better in the soul, lighter (E and C)
  • Indescribable joy of the soul, the light emanating from the point of Light and filling the All Space leaves no obscurations … we want audio recordings. Students who love you!
  • The heart is filled with gratitude! I’m in shock. There was no time, one breath, one breath. (Ioannina)
  • It was very similar to what was six months on laya yoga (Volodya)
  • Many thanks to the musicians Sasha, Pasha and Manire for a wonderful evening. This is a great concert. Such a marvelous variety of rhythms. Pervasive atmosphere. Such a harmoniously pacifying design of the concert in fiery and energetic tones. And at the same time, a combination of sound and voice harmonics. The texts of the stories favorably move the outline of the concert, like several locomotives inside the train. Especially delighted with the rhythms, their sounds, very diverse: deep, shallow, and crushed. I first heard and saw such a wonderful musician, Sasha so close. Oh, how rhythms are combined with manual harmonica (mini organ). And also delighted with the imposition of flute sound on the rhythm and voice. I did not think that the flute goes so well with these harmonics. Pasha is a wonderful master. Mandira’s wonderful voice, the very idea, account and organization of the program. Mandira, you are so wonderful! Such a wonderful concert! Such wonderful musicians! Charming! (thanks to Maxim)

year 2009

  • Great dances! Wonderful program! Thank you Mandir for the concert.
  • Embody the emotions and feelings in the movements of real art! Very nice and touching! Thanks from the heart!
  • Awesome program! Deep sense! Thank you from the heart!
  • Mandira, thank you so much for the amazing program, and especially fascinated the last dance of the first part about immersion and 44 emotions of interaction with the world (I look forward to the second part after the intermission)
  • Very grateful. BRAVO!!!
  • It was not a concert or a performance. It was SLUJENIE. Thank you.
  • Thank you for the beauty and love. (Antonina)
  • Indescribable delight …. Every dance is a work of art, a reflection of divine love! (Natasha Don)
  • Thank you so much for the second part. Very gentle and elegant combination of a white suit and orange flowers in hair. A crazy impression of the sincerity and tenderness of the combination of the piano and the bells, these fractional rhythms. Thank you for introducing us to amazing poetry. Milky tones, gentle and energetic fluids. Thank you for the divine evening.
  • Beautiful music … no words. Feeding perfection.
  • Dear Mandira! Thank you From the heart. Manifestation is what you need to see and realize in yourself. Good luck.
  • It’s great that you included non-Indian music in the middle of the department, because after the concert, true rhythms, subtle sensations and weightlessness of being remain in your head. Your concerts are very energized. Enter more seating seats, it would be nice. You always do everything so well with light and light shades. Thank you, Mandira, for opening the ways of knowing the world. Good luck to you! (M)

June 11. Guest evening “The Magic of Sound. The magic of smell. ”

  • Total! Total!
  • Thank you for invitation. It was very interesting, I liked it. P.S.Love your singing.
  • Thank you very much Mandir! I was struck by such a good combination of music and smells! brilliant merger! (Chulpan)
  • Mandira! Very good! When the music sounded and the waves were blowing aromas – just awesome! (Nastya)
  • The most charming presentation of aromas. Good luck (N)
  • Mandira! You have opened a new page. You did it. (T. Naumenko)

September 18th At the origins of Tantrism. “Declaration of love ….”.

Chamber Dance Performance, DK Kirov Theater Hall

  • With a soul full of the fragrance of the Flowers of magical Being, You walk through life like you used to go In the gardens of Eden Eve. (Dancing from contemplating).
  • Thank you for high spiritualized art. I.V.Kuris
  • Mandira! Let me thank you for your performance in Kirov Culture Center. It was wonderful! You managed to create a truly sacred space and involve those present in it. Once again – many thanks (Galina A.)

The 20th of October. Mohini Attam. Dance of the female soul.

  • Thank you for the faithful and pure service of the arts (N.Sh.)
  • Delight overwhelms me !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Best wishes to you.
  • Mandira, thank you very much for the concert on October 20! Such pure joy! Sincerely, Evelyn.
  • … as always I was in shock and for several days I was in a state of shock. … it was a prayer in a dance that touched the bottom of my heart. … in my chest, everything was poured with all the colors of the rainbow spreading all over the body with pleasant warmth and joy. THANK YOU … Ioannina


February 29

  • Thank you so much for the performance, for meeting the culture unknown to me before. Amazed and admired. (Alexander )
  • Many thanks! This is a stunningly beautiful performance! Colorful and interesting. It is interesting to learn about a new culture for me! Very, very interesting !!! (Stepan)
  • But that dance, where Mandira teaches a young wife humility and obedience, I would have forced to watch all the girls from 16 to 30. (B.)
  • Frankly, I experienced new emotions. Facial and plastic shake. In the end I even thought that the comments were no longer needed. Many thanks!
  • Mandira, as always, everything is fine. Thanks for all. It saves from harm. Girls-students special thanks (Lena L.)
  • Beautiful art in good performance. With great love and taste, with soul danced – the stories of antiquity are told. The compositions are fascinating. Thank you, you are beautiful, we are beautiful, the world is magnificent. (Wanda)
  • In my impression, technical professionalism is absolutely certain. The soul-building of the dancer more positioned her to fast, rhythmic, drainage movements – this is probably the choleric temperament. In lyric episodes, I rather see a performance, then a manifestation of nature. Abhinaia drew attention to herself – the admonition of the mother of her daughter, who is a young wife. Very expressive, but irritating, which I am convinced the dancer was counting on. Many thanks! It is sometimes difficult to switch attention from music to recitative. Maybe some of the verses are distributed with the program … And can you make a poster with 108 karanas – photos of the Mandira?
  • Mandira! Thank you so much for this miracle – for the secret that you have awakened with your dance, for your work and beauty. We are in awe!

April 23

  • I wish Mandira more fans and flowers. I liked the performance very much, especially the story about Krishna. Very emotional. Thank. (Natalia)

May 29. Arangetrum Ekaterina Shubina, theater hall DK im.Kirov

  • Well done Katya! Fabulous! (Teacher Milana Severskaya is also great!)
  • Kate! We can not get out of the state of shock! Even could not imagine such a thing! Fantasy!
  • Kate! Many thanks for the pleasure delivered! You are very talented and very technical !!! Delighted relatives and acquaintances. Please report new concerts. (Pavlukhins, Shubins, Koroleva and M …)
  • Dear Mandira! Thank you for preserving the classic traditions of India in our northern city! Dear Katya! Let Arangatron be the first diamond in the necklace of life! (Julia Beschuk)
  • Kate! It was wonderful! Just a brilliant performance! I wish you continued success and inspiration in understanding your beautiful art! (Tatyana)
  • For great work and great inspiration low bow from the fans of Indian dance. Many thanks to the great guru Milan Severskaya. The huge work that you invest in your students will definitely return to your happiness in life. (Natasha)
  • Very impressed with the transformation of Katie. This was the fourth gig I attended. Emotional liberation. The feeling of empathy from the pantomime is colossal. Also unexpectedly showed her abilities leading Milan: a sea of ​​charm, naturalness. Thank you very much for the concert! I wish creative implementation !!
  • Dear Katyushka! Just awesome. Great technique, amazing facial expressions and skills, skill. I’m just in awe. (Vikman Dasha)
  • Thank you for the organized program. A lot of positive emotions.

29th of October. Meditative music program, gallery “100 of your own”

  • Great! It feels like I’m in the foothills of Kailash and as if Shiva is singing alongside. Super (Nirrow T …)
  • Thank you. Your creativity awakens the soul, turning it inside out, touching its most intimate notes that are sleeping at rest. After such events I want to create. I have great ideas that I later embody in life and work. Thank you. Love (Valya Bobrikova)
  • Starting from scratch is not always easy, and even for some impossible. I hope in the future tense you will come forward more often and find your fans. I honestly really enjoyed your presentation. The earth is round. Thank you very much !!! (Lieutenant Y.Z.)
  • Stunning sensations, warmth inside, positive emotions, joy, peace of mind. harmony, love – all these sensations gave me an evening of music. Everyone should hear and feel this, thanks for a pleasant evening !!! (Ivan DM “Outpost”)
  • Thank you for inspiration! Very clean creativity and flow. Here it is, the service of the highest. (Valeria)
  • Thank you for breaking away from the hustle and bustle. Visited somewhere “there” … Very nice. I also wanted to listen. Cosmic sensations.
  • Whole and deep. Many thanks!
  • Thank you! It is very difficult to find words to convey the condition I experienced. It’s as if you were in another dimension. I thank everyone for the organization and for all that I experienced during this sacred rite. With great respect and reverence. (Ioannina)

November 21. Master class on Indian dance. International Indian Dance Competition

  • Thank you very much for your master class! Got a lot to think about. I wanted to dive deeper into practice. I would love to visit you in class in the studio. And I am glad that my teacher is your student. (Nadia, Minsk)
  • We really liked the master class! Thank you for the opportunity to receive knowledge from such a wonderful teacher as you. Communicating with you helps to look at familiar things in a new way. And the energy that you share with your students gives you the strength to conquer even the most difficult peaks. Thank you! (ans.Champa ”Yoshkar-Ola)
  • Namaste! I was interested in a very useful clear lesson. (Q.Champa, YO, Tanya and Anna B.)

December 25th. The program of meditative music and paintings by Lena Snop, Gallery “100 of your own”

  • Thanks for the invitation. Loved it. Good is never enough. I wish you creative success and spiritual people around. Hare Krishna! (Shami Suta Das)
  • Thank you very much to Mandir and the musicians guys! You can hear the singing of the human soul, so beautiful and pure! Om shanty! (Alla Goloshchak)
  • Mandira! As never before you sang sadly !!! Awesome !!! (N)
  • Beautiful singing, fascinating. Thank. I would like more people to hear it (Nazim A.)
  • I really want Mandira, I believe that everything in your life and work will go right and harmoniously. I know that everything will be fine. (Sergei)
  • Thank you for the beauty! You swim, dissolve in such beautiful music (Sveta K)


January 24

  • The first time I saw an Indian dance. Very unusual and interesting. High professional level. Particularly impressed plastic, the exact transfer of emotions through the movement. Depth, which is rarely seen in dancing. Thank you for what you are doing. For the fact that you can feel India here. (Amkhieva Evgenia)
  • It is difficult to put into words the fullness of the emotions and feelings that encompass. From the first moments to the last movement, I sat as if spellbound and could not take my eyes off Mandira. Nothing existed around, only music and its movements. I have never seen, and did not even imagine, that the human eye can emit the same multi-colored highlights, which only a skillfully cut diamond can give. I want to express my deep gratitude for the beauty and perfection that Mandira gives to those who came to her. Do not cease to be surprised at the strength and desire of women. I am very glad that the anticipation of the holiday before going to the theater turned into unforgettable spiritual experiences and a desire to plunge again into this fantastic world of her dance, namely her, the fairy, who brings beauty and love to everyone who wants to accept it.

February 20th

  • Varnam most of all shook. As always, chills run from him. I want to look endlessly, very beautiful music and rhythms just fascinate.
  • Very pleasant impressions from the production in general and choreography. (Shubina S.)
  • I liked very much Catherine Shubina’s dance in the first part. Music and her dance were inseparable. Created a feeling of a certain euphoria from what he saw. Good luck, success. (Nynina Yu,)
  • I liked Devi Kirtan very much and “Despair”. Milan, as always, is lovely and expressive! THANK YOU!!! (Filanenko Valera)
  • I have long been waiting for such a performance as today. Dancing. especially on experimental rooms, they open the doors to other worlds. A really awesome mix of music. light, dance give vibrations that lead viewers into a different perception of the harmony of the Cosmos. In the Mandira dance, the approach of the new time, predicted in the Mayan calendar, is clearly felt. Mandir, we are waiting for new speeches in the name of harmony!

2005 year

May 19,22. Concert on Pushkinskaya 9

  • Loved it. I wish you creative success. After all, in each dance you invest the soul and the whole body, which you have shown us continuously for 2 hours. (Boryshnikov Alexander)
  • Amazing! (Bodrova Lyudmila)
  • Just a class !!

November 21. Concert at Pushkinskaya 9

  • The Normed team sincerely thanks you for a wonderful evening. The program made us think about the existence of other cultures. It is so interesting that through dance you can express such feelings as love, hate, fear, anger and others!
  • The music is loud, the accompanying text was poorly heard. The dances are very good, the technique is impeccable !!! Thank you!!! (Sviridov S.)
  • Loved it. Thank you so much. (Maria Arkhipova)
  • Matchless dancing Mandir. As always, they fill the essence of aspiring upwards with cosmic light.
    Great, great, nothing better I have not seen.
  • Fascinating simplicity. You enter another state, especially after the concert. Feeling of nourishment, inspiration, the soul finally tried what it was looking for.
  • Dear Mandira. I bow to you, your talent. The program is amazing, unearthly, especially Varnam and Ashtapadi. Thank you very much. Health, happiness, creative energy! (Donskaya Natalia)

November 22. Concert on Pushkinskaya 9

  • My first visit. I am delighted! Thank you so much! (Kurnosova L.)
  • Many thanks for the pleasure, enjoyment of real high art. We will wait for new meetings.
    Goosebumps were running. At Ashtapadi tears flowed. Thank you for the divine art.
    Vivacity, emotionality, perfection, perfection – this is you. Mandir! Love, success. good luck happiness !!!! (Marina)
  • My opinion – this speech gives an overly strong impression to us, the audience (not prepared), we cannot appreciate it. Can change the form of filing? This speech is a ministry, a prayer. I really liked it. (Smirnov Alexander)
  • A little pressure on the ears of music, not enough color and lighting solutions. The dance itself is technically flawless, but lacks sexual energy and sensuality. Summary: in general, the original performance. Thank you!!! (Efimova N.M.)
  • As always, I really, really, really enjoyed it! Thank you so much! Health and well-being to you. (Filatova Valeriya)
  • A certain mysterious world full of love, inner harmony and joy. Dizzy, charming and plastic dancing. Delightful. (Alexander)
  • At such a performance for the first time. There was a feeling of peace, dance fascinates with its energy, clarity, lines. I liked everything. Thank you. (Ekaterina Kataeva,)


April 16th Station. Recital.

  • I lived my childhood with excitement and trepidation. For the first time I came into contact with classical dance. Thank. (Belova Faina Mikhailovna Station)
  • Just awesome!!! Thank you for being there !!! (Surzhko Yuri, Station)
  • Beautiful, professional, high quality. Thank you so much. (Valeria Finonenko)
  • I go to the concerts of Mandir since 2002, I don’t miss a single one. As always, amazing. Thank you so much. (Pikalova Evelina)

April 29th. Station

  • Wonderful performance. Mandira is a real professional, her dance is fascinating and continuously holds attention. You are afraid to miss at least one movement, the smallest gesture. The music and the design of the performance are perfectly matched, the program is well composed. (Borisova Natalia Viktorovna. Scene “Station” “Shiva and Parvati ….”)
  • I really liked the performance, the amazing technique of dance performance, the tremendous professionalism. (Morozova Svetlana Alexandrovna, Station)
  • Awesome concert. A lot of impressions. (Tarasova Tatiana Anatolyevna, 290404)

May 29th Station

  •  An unusual combination of plastics, a sense of philosophy and something incomprehensible. Thank you Mandir! Outstanding talent. (Natalya Donskaya, Station, “Dance of the female heart …)
  • Do not regret that they came …
    The dance is great. The main thing is not even mastery of movement, although this is at the height, but those light energies that Mandira conducts. It must be experienced and felt, to pass through itself. Wishes – to speak more often. (Nikolaev B)

Year 2003

For Milana Severskaya

Oda Mahadya (dancer, Sanskrit)

(To hridoyam)

She is a priestess and a goddess

She is lord and slave,

She is the fire of passions,

She and the light, she and the darkness ….

And there is no beginnings, and there is no wedding

Everything is circling in a fateful whirlwind:

Outlines alone

On a marvelous blue background.

The whole world in one of its movement:

That freezes, then lives:

Suddenly – worldwide fermentation

A bright color will bloom.

The soul does not tolerate delay:

She is building an eternal temple

Secret power of illumination

And all – countless gods.

She is a slave and queen,

She and the day, she and the night,

She is chariot to God,

She is ready to help us:

Find a road in thorns,

And in the dungeon light,

Open your heart to god

And keep the vow.

She is a slave and – the queen!

A. Demurin 05/26/2003 St. Petersburg

  • Thank you so much for the pleasure. I feel peace and tranquility. (Elena Murashova, Educational Theater)
  • You can feel the high professionalism of the performers, a successful selection of phonograms, it is clear that the costumes were created with skill. The concert was great. Many thanks. (Dmitry Frolov)


April 26, the Youth Theater on the Fontanka.

  • Thank you for feeling the touch to the Perfect. (Irina)
  • Thank you, I really liked it. You gave me great pleasure. The sense of harmony and rhythm shines through your dance. Let your soul be such a beautiful one. (Shpan EV)
  • Many thanks! Vivid and memorable performance: masterfully performed dances, beautiful costumes and interesting scenes. Most of all I liked the Ganesh dance – very energetic and kind! (Anna Ponomarenko)
  • This is wonderful, meditation, live meditation, true yoga, connection with the Highest. (Minakova Love)
  • I am very glad that I came to the concert. As if she got into another world, went beyond the ordinary. It is necessary to recharge more often from all the talented and beautiful. The girl has an interesting appearance and beautiful plastic. (Isakova Nadezhda Anatolievna Youth Theater)
  • Very beautiful, fascinating, leaves a deep impression. Loved it. I do not regret that went. (Anna Gorchakova)
    Divinely! (Smirnova Lyudmila)
  • Just awesome! This is much more than I expected. I would like to watch such speeches more often. (Shelepen Elena Vladimirovna)
  • It’s nice to plunge into another world, to leave at least for a while from the surrounding reality. New impressions. Sculpted movements fascinate and delight. (Apykhtina Natalia Vladimirovna)


 28 January

  • Milana, you are a lovely actress, actress, dancer. I am delighted with your art. How good you are! I liked everything about you. Good luck in your field! (Krylova Nelli Konstantinovna)


Here, finally, that hour has come –

We all sit looking at you.

And you humbly in front of us

Talent, donated by the gods,

For us, demonstrate

And this is all shocking.

You are like a swan,

So graceful and so sweet.

You are like a divine peacock.

Gentle, beautiful, like jasmine.

Oh, in the dance you are more beautiful than Sira,

The veil of the sacrament is covered.

You slayed us on the spot,

You are in dance like the ninth wave:

Strong, confident, beautiful,

And all rivals are dangerous.

Rivals!? No rivals! –

The poet said confidently.

You can do much more!

And dance much longer!

You showed us only a little,

As iceberg – the main thing is left

Hidden in the bowels of the ocean …

Oh, you are cunning Milan!

You were bewitched by the dance,

And having danced, breathed easily,

Like a white moth

On the lotus rest lay down,

Then he fluttered over the stage …

Closed curtain. Whole room

Breathing bored sat

And did not want to diverge.

Wah, worldly life has begun to boil over,

On the ground from heaven dropped.

But that temple will be remembered

Where the priestess brings tribute to the gods!

Instrument – Inna Kachaeva, February 2000

Reviews of performances since 1995

  • The program is very subtle and emotionally beautiful touched our hearts. Your art struck the imagination of her granddaughter, an 11-year-old girl, plunged her soul into peace and hope. Thank. (Stepanova Vera Alexandrovna, Estrada Theater)
  • As always, delightful. Separation – as in one breath. In the padam was not you! Completely unfamiliar woman. Or even a creature asexual. Very easy Tilana, good makeup. (Smirnova Natalia)
  • Delighted with the grace and charm of the dancer. Thank you for the program and acquaintance with your theater. (Petrova Julia)
  • I liked it very much, it was colorfully decorated, I liked the translation and in general many thanks. (Olga Kotova)
  • Good rest, new impressions and experience. (Olga Yevlasheva)
  • Thank you so much! The concert is fantastic! Fascinating! Meditative. I’m sure everyone present will always be fine. (Lena Lovikova, Flamenco)
  • The performance is as beautiful as the love of God. (Love)
  • Thank you very much. (Olga Pushkareva)
  • The art of Milana achieved excellence and amazing spirituality and consciousness. The program is unmatched, high technology, impeccable performance, movements. I would like to dissolve in such a dance. (Solovyova Diana Leonidovna)
  • Divinely. (Levashova Yana Sergeevna, Youth Theater)
  • No words. Thanks you. (Pikalova Evelina)
    The program is excellent. It is a pity that they did not sell the records. (Stramtsova Alina Mikhailovna)
  • Milana !!! I am delighted and conquered by your plasticity and charm !!! I wish you all the best. (Lavrentyeva Tatyana Prokofyevna)